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An Uncertain Economy and Dramatic Shifts in Global Business Demands Informed, Capable Leadership

THG Advisors uses the speed of trust and strong relationships to equip executives and teams in today’s rapidly shifting environment.


We host and facilitate councils that provide the knowledge sharing, sense-making, and support required to lead organizations through periods of significant change, volatility, and uncertainty.


Our unique approach combines master facilitation and expertise to uncover pragmatic leadership techniques.

We help leaders look around corners.

Collaborate with peers and thought leaders to gain a robust perspective on the topics, themes, trends, and techniques that are shaping the future of the industry.

We make leaders smarter, faster, more agile.

Collaborate with peers and thought leaders to gain a robust perspective on the topics, themes, trends, and techniques that are shaping the future of the industry.

We incubate and accelerate critical initiatives.

Collaborate with a curated group of leaders to gain experience-generated insights to accelerate and strengthen your organization’s specific imperatives.

About THG Advisors

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, successful transformation is essential. Unfortunately, studies reveal that 70% of corporate transformation initiatives fall short, often due to inadequate leadership and flawed execution strategies. While young consulting talents exhibit potential, their lack of experience in steering major change poses a significant challenge. What organizations truly need is access to other seasoned executives with experience in the disciplines and leaders who have orchestrated successful strategic transformations. The costs of unclear strategies and failed execution are steep, risking the competitive edge and relevance of companies. 

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C-Suite executives As Facilitators of Each Council


We create a safe, candid environment for open collaboration between corporate leaders, free from competition, solicitation, and press.

Participants connect in small, facilitated peer groups supported by industry veterans to tackle significant challenges and opportunities.

Here’s what our members are saying:

“The breadth of topics is amazing”

CIO for Employees’ Retirement Systems of GA

“These forums are executive led and they discuss real topics” 

CTO for Aramark Uniform Services

“`Higher Gear CxO is a platform to share with & learn from your peers about latest approaches in technology & leadership

former CIO & CDO for Schaeffler


Stay ahead with innovative technologies and techniques while building organizational agility. 

Benchmarking Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with the most innovative technologies and techniques.

Organizational Agility

Tell the story and build the technique that inspires change throughout the organization.

Enterprise Strategy

Transition from being a technical leader to an integral partner to the commercial side of the organization.

Seasoned Executive Leadership

Collaborate with current and former CFOs, CEOs, and Board members to strengthen your influence with the C-suite and Board.

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