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Innovative solutions for change management and business process improvement.

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Our Solution: 

Fractional Executive Services - an innovative solution offering an on-demand marketplace that links top-tier, experienced executives with companies seeking strategic guidance and execution leadership. Our model provides access to C-suite brilliance without the encumbrance of a full-time hire. 

Our Vision: 

Become the unparalleled eXchange, fostering a transformative marketplace for fractional executive services. We aim to revolutionize the way strategic leadership is accessed and engaged, streamlining the process for companies seeking immediate expertise. Our eXchange will seamlessly match the precise needs of businesses undergoing critical transformations with the unparalleled skills and experience of elite fractional executives, setting new standards in dynamic, on-demand leadership solutions. 


In today's rapidly evolving business environment, successful transformation is essential. Unfortunately, studies reveal that 70% of corporate transformation initiatives fall short, often due to inadequate leadership and flawed execution strategies. While young consulting talents exhibit potential, their lack of experience in steering major change poses a significant challenge. What organizations truly need are seasoned executives - leaders who have orchestrated successful strategic transformations. The costs of unclear strategies and failed execution are steep, risking the competitive edge and relevance of companies. 

Challenges Faced: 

However, the quest for experienced, elite leaders presents obstacles. Organizations struggle to identify, attract, and engage this caliber of talent. Meanwhile, proven executives are often hesitant to commit to traditional full-time roles. The necessity for flexible and on-demand leadership further complicates this landscape. 

Our Mission: 

Empower organizations with immediate access to elite C-suite talent, expediting successful strategic transformations. 

  • Talent - We attract and retain the best executive talent. 

  • Excellence - We are committed to providing top-tier, results-driven leadership.  

  • Leading Transformation - We guide successful strategic change. 

  • Partnership - We collaborate closely with clients, fostering partnerships and synergy, to drive client success. 

  • Adaptability - We embrace flexibility and innovation in navigating change. 

  • Integrity: Upholding honesty, ethics, and transparency in all endeavors. 

Our Core Offerings: 

Strategy Articulation: 

  • Strategic Planning: Facilitating comprehensive 3–5 year strategic plans across corporate, business unit, and functional domains. This includes scenario planning, market analysis, and goal setting. 

  • Business Case Modeling: Constructing robust analytical models that quantify ROI and articulate the business case for strategic initiatives. This involves conducting feasibility studies, risk assessments, and financial modeling. 

  • Executive Coaching: Providing tailored leadership coaching to senior executives on strategy, leadership, and execution. This encompasses mentoring sessions, leadership development programs, and skill enhancement workshops. 


Strategy Execution: 

  • Transformation Leadership: Overseeing program management offices for strategic transformation programs, ensuring timelines, managing interdependencies, and driving alignment. This involves project scoping, resource allocation, and milestone tracking. 

  • Change Management: Developing change impact assessments, stakeholder maps, and comprehensive change management plans, alongside spearheading communications, and training initiatives. This includes culture assessments, communication strategies, and resistance management. 

Operational Excellence: 

  • Seated/Interim Executives: Providing seasoned executives to serve in interim C-suite roles during transitions or critical periods. This includes temporary placements as CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, or other key roles. 

Our Value Proposition: 

  • Access to proven executives delivering successful strategic transformations. 

  • Pay as per the required time and skills. 

  • Flexible, on-demand engagement model. 

  • Ability to supplement and complement existing management. 

  • Remote work capabilities - eliminating relocation requirements. 

Executive Services Summary

Top of the Hill Gang provides on-demand access to elite C-level talent that accelerates successful strategic transformation for organizations. We maintain a bench of world-class executives with experience leading major change initiatives. 

Market Opportunity:

Industry research indicates 75% of CEOs have major transformations planned, while citing a lack of internal leadership skills needed as the biggest barrier. This has created immense demand for on-demand executive talent. 

Solution & Offerings We provide an online marketplace matching top-tier seasoned executives to companies seeking strategic guidance and execution leadership. Our model offers clients flexible access to C-suite caliber talent without the overhead of salaried hires. 

Our service categories span strategy formation, transformation execution and implementation, and operational excellence: 

  • Strategy Articulation 

  • Change Leadership 

  • Interim Executive Placements 

       additionally, we provide leadership coaching and development services: 

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Successor Preparedness 

  • Leadership Bootcamps 

The matrix below covers three main categories across strategy needs: 

1.    Strategy Articulation - Upfront consulting to craft strategies 
2.    Strategy Execution - Program leadership to implement strategies 
3.    Operational Excellence - Continuous improvement initiatives 

Offerings are tailored for each strategic phase an organization faces. We provide the specific executive talent required at a given juncture. 


Competitive Advantage 

  • Elite talent vetted via Orbie awards and CxO credentials 

  • Retainer model provides talent continuity between engagements 

  • Breadth of offerings covering the strategic value chain 

Revenue Models 

  • Engagement retainer fees + placement success fees 

  • Premium access fees for coaching and development 

Go-to-Market Plan 

We will promote our talent marketplace services to investors, boards, and CEOs planning major initiatives but lacking transformation leadership talent. Our early focus will be mid-market PE portfolio companies undertaking turnarounds. 

Core Values 

  • Excellence - exceptional outcomes 

  • Transformation - guiding strategic change 

  • Flexibility - accessible on-demand talent 

  • Development - elevating leaders 


Top of The Hill Gang

Alba’s "top of the hill gang" is unique in the industry and includes a group of respected and influential professionals at the top of their game who have each achieved significant success in their careers and are now available to help you. 


Our “Top of the Hill Gang” is a highly sought-after set of leaders available to collaborate on projects and initiatives.  Their insights and knowledge can be game changing for you.  

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